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Stop for a Brake Check | Brakes, Brake Pads

School’s getting ready to start and kids are going to be everywhere. Time to find a Madison brake repair specialist to make sure your car is ready. The end of summer rush is beginning: Shopping for the kids’ back-to-school clothes and supplies. Getting the kids signed up for school, sports and other activities. Planning that…
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These Are Not Beautiful Noises

Odd or unusual noises can indicate potentially serious problems with your car or truck. You’ve occasionally noticed a squealing sound when you apply the brakes on your car or truck. But when you were headed home after a successful shopping expedition at this weekend’s Maxwell Street Days Summer Sidewalk Sale, you heard a more ominous…
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Time to Stop for New Brake Pads

If you've been having trouble stopping, it's time to get your braking system checked out. One of the last things you want to experience on your way to have a day of family fun is brake failure. And you’ve noticed recently that your brakes are a bit mushy and it’s taking longer to stop that…
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