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Before You Get All Steamed Up

Get your water pump checked out. You’ve been looking forward to this weekend’s Midwest Stand Up Paddle Festival not just to watch but to try your hand – or paddle – at learning about SUP. But from the looks of the leak under your car or truck, you think you might be paddling your vehicle…
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Click, Click, Click

That sound means you have trouble in your starting system. This morning was one of the most frustrating a vehicle owner can have. You’re on your way to the WIAA softball and boys team tennis state tournaments when, instead of a satisfying VROOM when you turned the key in the ignition, all you got was…
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Bring Your Diesel to Terry’s

Terry's cares for diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles. Diesel cars and sport utility vehicles are still relatively rare in this country. But they’re becoming more common as an article in last year’s Forbes magazine, forbes.com, explains. The article, by Matthew de Paula, cites a data analysis done by R.L. Polk and Co. on behalf of…
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