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Car Leaking Fluid?

You'd better get that checked out before your engine is severely damaged. You’ve made it through Monday, that dreaded first day of the workweek, and all you’re thinking of is tonight’s Fundamentals of Tango lesson at the Tango House of Madison. But, as you pull out of your parking space, you notice a puddle on…
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Before You Get All Steamed Up

Get your water pump checked out. You’ve been looking forward to this weekend’s Midwest Stand Up Paddle Festival not just to watch but to try your hand – or paddle – at learning about SUP. But from the looks of the leak under your car or truck, you think you might be paddling your vehicle…
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Summertime’s Here – Keep Your Engine Cool

Overheating is a major cause of car or truck breakdowns. Today’s a big day – the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Well, actually the day is still 24 hours long, as always, but the difference is that today is the longest period of daylight (or sunlight) in a 24-hour day. It’s coincidentally…
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