What’s That Gas Smell?

If you’re smelling gas inside your car while driving, you need to find an auto mechanic in Madison. Now.

The past few days you’ve noticed a funny smell in your car while driving. Most disturbing is the fact that it smells like gas and you’re not sure whether to be concerned.

Well, yes, you probably should be.

“You should never have a fuel smell in your vehicle, it’s a sure sign of a problem, and it’s potentially very dangerous,” says simple-car-answers.com.

Simple-car-answers says the most common reasons for the smell are a missing gas cap, a faulty canister, or a leak. The leak could be in your fuel line, tank or fuel injector. While the reason for the smell is important for getting it fixed, simple-car-answers says the cause should not be your immediate concern.

“It really doesn’t matter what is causing the gasoline smell in your car, you just need to have it fixed as soon as you start smelling fuel,” the website says. “If the fuel leak is near the engine or exhaust, it could result in a fire and a potential total loss of your vehicle.  The fuel liquid is not the danger, the danger is the fumes. You see, liquid gasoline does not burn; the fumes are what catch fire.”

That means you shouldn’t head off to this weekend’s camper and RV show and sale or to Mount Horeb for the Scandihoovian Winter Festival (frozen turkey bowling!) until you’ve come by Terry’s Car Care to let our expert auto mechanics have a look. Terry’s has been the trusted Madison auto repair shop for more than 46 years. While you’re here, ask us about our money-saving specials, like $5 off any service with an online appointment. But hurry, today is the last day to take advantage of several of those coupons.

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