That Booming Could Be Thunder Not Fireworks

Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition before the rains come.

The holiday today promises to be a good one for cooking out then wandering over to the Monona Community Festival for its many activities like the art fair, tonight’s fireworks and, of course, the Wife Carry Championship race. It’ll be hard to top that, and might be even harder if the weather doesn’t cooperate. The Weather Channel is predicting a 30 percent chance of rain from tomorrow through Wednesday. If you’re like most people, you haven’t checked your wipers in awhile and don’t even think about it until you need them when a sudden rain hits and, instead of a clear windshield, you just get smearing.

You need to come by Terry’s Car Care and let us replace those wiper blades. And, while you’re there, get your oil changed and other fluid levels checked. One sure way to make sure you won’t get caught with a smeary windshield is to get on a regular maintenance schedule with our experienced technicians. Diagnosing the condition of your wipers and the blades is one of our routines when changing the oil and checking your vehicle out. We also remind you when it’s time to get it all checked out again. But don’t come today, we’re closed for the holiday.

So, Have a Safe Fourth and Have Terry’s Help You With Those Wipers and That Routine Maintenance!

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