My Car Isn’t Moving

Hmmmm. Could be a broken axle.

The axle is one of those really important parts of your car or truck. Its job is to bear the entire weight of the car or truck and help you drive, brake and steer. Clearly, if it breaks, you’re not going to tonight’s Marimba Magic Concert on the Square. Actually, you’re not going to be going anywhere except to Terry’s Car Care to get it fixed. As points out, “The car axle can break due to overloading, bad carrier bearing or perhaps a severe bump on the road. Remember that you cannot drive a car with a broken axle. It will eventually break at the universal joint and will just rev up. You will not be able to go anywhere.”

But before things get to that point, you may get some warning. A clinking or sputtering when you put your car or truck into gear. What axlexchange describes as “an uncommon rumbling or some vibrations, which occur as you accelerate, or while turning the car.”

The axlexchange further recommends: “If (your) car axle breaks, you should take the car to a certified mechanic. Let him judge whether the car axle is actually broken or damaged. Only a mechanic can diagnose and solve the problem without causing additional damage to your car. He will tell you if you need a new car axle.”

Let Terry’s Certified Mechanics Help You With That Axle!

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