Clean Air Is Good for Your Vehicle

Regular Maintenance Is the Best Way to Keep It Clean

Saturday’s (May 17) Fresh Air Craft Fair at Olin Park is a chance for local artists and craft vendors to showcase and sell their original wares including jewelry, pottery, paper goods, glass works, and other handmade items. But, as the name suggests, it’s also a chance to enjoy the fresh air. And that’s something you have in common with your car or truck. Yes, your vehicle likes and needs air, too. That’s the story behind its air filter.

An air filter does just what you’d think it does – keeps contaminants from getting into your engine. Replacing your air filter is a part of regular maintenance for your car or truck’s well-being. How often you need to replace it varies according to the vehicle and the manufacturer’s instructions – Terry’s Car Care can advise you if you’ve lost your owner’s manual. The timing for getting a new air filter can also depend on your driving habits. If you’re on dirt (or dirty) roads a lot you’re going to need to replace it more often than if you leave it parked in your garage and seldom drive. If you don’t change your air filter often enough, it can get clogged and your car or truck will lose power or even stop altogether. But you won’t have to worry about the condition of your air filter if you come into Terry’s for regular maintenance. Our technicians will check it and, if you need a new one, install it quickly so you can go to the craft fair or lake or beach and enjoy that fresh air.

Terry’s Car Care Can Help You with That Air Filter!

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