Green Tires for Green Vehicles

Terry’s Car Care Has Tires Made Specially for Electric Vehicles

Residents of the Madison, WI, area are “very environmentally aware,” says Will C. Sparks, owner of Terry’s Car Care. It’s one of the areas in the U.S. with the highest per capita registration of hybrid vehicles, he says. Terry’s is right up there with eco advances, providing full service – from the engine right down to the tires – for hybrid and electric cars, trucks and SUVs.

Speaking of green tires, Terry’s carries a full line of Kumho, a company that has developed a tire specifically for electric vehicles. As the company website,, explains: “Kumho Tire believes that the next generation of tires should display excellence in performance, safety and environmental awareness. Years of research and investments have led to the development of the ECOTRON tire for electric vehicles.

“Unlike ordinary tires, silica, a new type of anti-impact material, and special carbon black are used. This cutting-edge combination results in a lower rolling resistance of up to 45 percent and a reduced combustion rate of almost 10 percent, which in turn reduces the amount of pollutant emissions into the air.”

So if you have an electric vehicle, come on down to Terry’s. And if you don’t, come on down and get your tires checked anyway. We carry tires of all sizes and types for all vehicles from all manufacturers.

At Terry’s, We Can Help You with Those Tires – Green or Traditional!

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