It’s Getting Hard to Stop

Sounds like your power brake booster needs attention.

You’ve been daydreaming about taking that special someone to do something romantic. Like a champagne brunch or evening wine cruise on Lake Monona. But you’re also wondering if you should go to Terry’s Car Care to have our experienced, certified technicians take a look at your car or truck because it’s been hissing or whistling and becoming harder to stop.

You’re right, you do need to stop by Terry’s. Any possible problem with your braking system is likely an accident waiting to happen if you don’t do something about it. And from the sounds of it – hissing, whistling noises, hard to stop – it sounds as if you may have a leaky brake booster. That’s the thingamabob in the power braking system that makes it easier to stop. Without the brake booster, it’s going to take A LOT more leg strength and pressure to get your car or truck stopped (as you’re finding out if you have a leak in your system). But Terry’s can fix that problem and have you safely on your way to your romantic rendezvous.

Terry’s Can Help With Your Brake Booster!

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