Hope that Popping Isn’t the CV Joint

But if It Is, Terry’s Car Care Is the Place to Go

You’re on your way to the Ice Age National Scenic trail for a relaxing day’s hike when you hear a funny clicking, or popping, noise when you turn the steering wheel. Could be your CV, for constant velocity, joint. CV joints are located in the two front axles. They allow the wheels to turn and bounce. The CV joint typically fails – most often in older cars with more than 50,000 miles on them – when a protective boot splits open and allows contaminants into the joint itself. Although it’s classified as a major repair, Kelley Blue Book (kbb.com) notes that “engineers who design the joints advise that they rarely need to be immediately fixed for safety reasons.” So it’s probably okay to go hiking. But, don’t wait too long, or you’re going to be hiking back to Madison while your car or truck is towed to Terry’s Car Care where our certified technicians can tell you just how bad the situation is. We can also repair and replace both the CV joint and the CV boot, if necessary.

Terry’s Car Care Can Help You with That CV Joint!

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