Memorial Day Is a Time for Celebration

And a chance to think about getting your vehicle in shape for the summer ahead.

It’s Memorial Day, a time for honoring our veterans at ceremonies like the one scheduled at the State Capitol that kicks off with a band concert by VFW Post 1318. After that, lots of people like to celebrate the day with picnics, cookouts, or other family events. Memorial Day can also be seen as the beginning of summer with more holiday celebrations and vacations on the horizon. That means it’s also time to think about having your car or truck in good shape for all those summer road trips.

The non-profit Car Care Council suggests that “a pre-trip vehicle check is the best way to be car care aware and ensure that your car is ready to get you to your destination.” On the council’s checklist at are the brakes, filters and fluids, hoses and belts, tires and gas cap (to make sure it’s not loose). Much of that gets done during routine maintenance, but not all of us are prompt about that. Even if you are, it’s always good to check again before you leave on a trip.

Terry’s Car Care can check all those systems for you and more. Just not today, we’re closed in honor of Memorial Day.

Tomorrow though, Terry’s can help with that pre-trip vehicle check!

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