You’re Powerless without an Alternator

Your alternator keeps your vehicle’s charging system in working order.

Be honest, you’d seen the warning signs: the dash light that came on briefly; the dimming headlights; the loss of power to the electrical system when your car or truck idled for a bit. You knew you should have taken your vehicle to Terry’s Car Care for a checkup. But you didn’t. You ignored the warnings, hoping they’d go away. And, now, here you are by the side of the road on your way back to Madison from a visit to Taliesin.

Sounds like it could be your alternator, one of the three main parts of a car or truck’s charging system. The other two are the battery and voltage regulator, according to The alternator’s job is to use the engine to supply energy to the battery. That way, the battery can recharge itself while supplying energy to the vehicle’s electrical system. That means, if the alternator goes bad and you don’t fix it, you could also ruin your battery, especially if it’s an older battery.

So, if you notice some odd things – dimmed headlights, flickering gauges, a dead battery, a burning smell – bring your car or truck down to Terry’s so our certified technicians can check out your electrical system. If you happen to need a new alternator, or battery, or both, Terry’s can do that, too.

Bad Alternator? Terry’s Can Help You With That!

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