Repair or Buy New?

Rebuilding a “dead” engine can be the greener way to go – for the environment and your checkbook.

You have to admire people who have enough pep (particularly in the middle of a workweek) to take part in events like tonight’s aquathon at Warner Park Beach. The event, the fourth in the five-event Fleet Feet Aquathon Series, is a chip-timed, 1,000 meter swim and 5K run. If just the thought of that much effort makes you want to go back to bed, that’s pretty normal (to us, at any rate) and you’re not alone.

But it’s not normal if your car or truck engine seemed to have the same impulse (go away and leave me in my garage/parking spot) by not starting this morning or by exhibiting any of these symptoms: belching excessive smoke from tailpipe; “excessive oil consumption; knocking or tapping sounds; low oil pressure; low compression; water mixing in oil; oil getting into the air cleaner and/or radiator.” If you have any of those, the non-profit Car Care Council says you probably have engine problems.

But, the council says, just because an engine “‘dies,’ it does not have to be the end of your vehicle. Smart shoppers, like smart motorists, make better decisions when they know all of the options. When a car or truck needs major engine repair, the first response and reaction of many consumers is to buy a new or used vehicle. Sometimes disposing of your current vehicle might make sense, but often it’s simply not necessary, or even the best decision. If your vehicle is in relatively good shape it makes sense to update it by rebuilding or replacing the engine, rather than replacing the vehicle. Once you consider the ‘hidden’ costs in a new or used vehicle, the economic benefits become very clear.”

The council recommends that you take your car or truck to a reputable shop, like Terry’s Car Care in Madison. Our experienced, certified mechanics can tell you if your engine is really “dead,” or if it’s a minor issue that can be easily repaired. And if the news is bad, our techs can rebuild that engine for you and have your car or truck ready to run its own marathon.

Terry’s Can Help You Keep Your Vehicle On The Road For Years To Come!

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