Shocked, Shocked

For a less bouncy ride, get those shock absorbers fixed.

A shock absorber is one of those car or truck parts that most drivers don’t think about very much. Until they stop working, that is. And many drivers only care then because every little lump or bump in the road becomes an eyeball-jiggling, spine-rattling jolt that has your head colliding with the roof. Kind of makes you feel sorry for the difficulties faced by Dr. Rebecca Williams, one of the scientists guiding the Curiosity rover across the rocky terrain of Mars. She’ll tell you all about it today (July 10) at the Meadowridge branch of the Madison Public Library.

But don’t let the difficulties of remotely steering across the Martian terrain make you forget about your shock absorber problems. Much as they help your comfort, they do a lot more than that. As Motor Trend magazine points out at, “Your vehicle’s shock absorbers play a significant role in maintaining car control, ensuring a comfortable ride, and prolonging the life of other components. Cheap out and run old shocks, and you literally run the risk of driving the wheels off. Worn shocks increase braking distances, prematurely wear tires, and can hasten aquaplaning in the rain.”

If your shocks are worn, you need to put on a helmet and take the smoothest route to Terry’s Car Care where our experienced, certified mechanics can help. We may not be able to smooth the bumps in life, but we can make the ride more comfortable.

Come to Terry’s For  Help With Those Shocks!

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