That Smell May Not Be Outside Air Pollution

If you’re sneezing from dust and pollen in your car or truck, you may need a new cabin air filter.

One of the joys of a stroll along the Lakeshore Path is the chance to breathe a bit of fresh air. With your brain and lungs all refreshed, you climb into your car or truck and – PHEW!!!!!!!! Stinky.

Perhaps that smell is the athletic sock you didn’t notice fall under the seat when you tossed stuff into the car after your last workout. But perhaps it’s the cabin air filter. More precisely, perhaps the cabin air filter has stopped doing its job of keeping pollen, bacteria, dust, bugs, leaves, fumes and other stuff out of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and out of your lungs.

Generally speaking, a cabin air filter should be replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles depending on what your owner’s manual tells you. But, if you travel a lot in dusty, smoggy places, you might need to change it more often. Terry’s Car Care can check your cabin air filter to see if it has become clogged. And, of course, our technicians can quickly replace it if needed. That should help the air quality in your vehicle. But you’re still going to have to get rid of that dirty, smelly sock.

Terry’s Car Care – We Can Help With That Cabin Air Filter!

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