The Squeaky Engine Gets the Attention

Your fan belt could need changing.

One of your longstanding jokes has been that your car or truck engine is actually powered by a hamster running on a wheel. Recently, you’ve been wondering if maybe you’re right because your engine is starting to sound as if the hamster is complaining … loudly. Unless you really do have a hamster propelling your vehicle, the more likely reason for the squealing sound is a faulty fan belt.

If your vehicle is older, it probably has several belts that control various parts of the car. The fan belt is the one that turns the radiator fan to help bring in outside air to help cool the engine and keep it from overheating. If your vehicle is newer, it likely has an electric fan. But it still has a belt that controls several other engine functions, such as the power steering and air conditioning. This multi-function belt is called the serpentine belt.

Sometimes belts stretch or crack or wear out. If that happens, they tend to let you know it by squealing or screeching. As says, if you don’t take care of the squealing, your engine performance will suffer. Eventually your engine could stall and refuse to run.

But before the squealing drives you nuts or the engine stalls, bring your vehicle to Terry’s Car Care. We can fix that belt and have you quietly on your way to the Madison Art Hunt.

Terry’s Can Help You Silence That Squeak!

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