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Inside your car or truck, that is. Take advantage of our coupon for a free checkup of your air conditioning system.

You’ve been looking for ways to beat the heat in these last days of summer. One idea you have is to take a hot air balloon ride because you hear it’s cooler at high elevations. Besides, you’ve always wanted to do it and who needs excuses when you really want to do something? But if your decision has anything to do with the functioning (or malfunctioning) of your car or truck air conditioning (no cold air, funny noises, leaks), then you might want to stay on the ground and see about getting it fixed.

From the sounds of it, your compressor may be bad. But why guess what’s wrong? Bring your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care where our experienced, certified technicians can diagnose and fix your car or truck air conditioning problem and get it all fixed up. Even if your air conditioner seems to be okay, you probably want to make sure it won’t conk out before summer’s end and leave you all sweaty and grumpy whether you’re driving around Madison or on that day trip. We’ll make that easy for you with a coupon (click here) for a free auto air conditioning check. But hurry, the offer expires Aug. 31. Remember, for problems with your truck or auto air conditioning in Madison, WI, come to Terry’s.

We Can Help Keep You Cool This Summer!

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