Step Up the Maintenance and Your Vehicle Will Last and Last and Last…

Regular maintenance includes more than an oil change.

Have you been looking at your older model car or truck recently and wondering how much longer you have before you’re stuck having to buy a new one? Well, it likely won’t be anytime soon if you’ve followed the advice of the National Motorists Association, which says you can keep it going for years if you just do two things: : “Step up on the maintenance and drive the car moderately.” Now, just about every vehicle owner knows to regularly change the oil. But the Motorists Association,, notes that regularly checking on other fluids is just as important. These fluids – in the brake master cylinder, the clutch cylinder, the power steering pump and gearboxes – can and often do leak and “worse,” the association says, “few give any warnings … that you are running low.” Running on these fluids can cause problems because of heat and friction and may be a “major clue that there is an underlying problem that could be both expensive and dangerous.”

Those fluid levels aren’t something you generally have to worry about if you’ve been vigilant about bringing your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care for regular service. That’s because we check those things – and others – as part of our routine maintenance. We want to help your car or truck to last a long time.

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Let Terry’s Help You Keep Your Car or Truck Running for Years!

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