Stop to Get Those Brakes Checked Out

If you’re having trouble stopping, it could be your master cylinder.

You were looking forward to a trek along the Ice Age Trail this weekend, but now you’re not so sure you can go. Your car or truck is taking longer to stop than it should when you step on the brake. And you’ve noticed that the pedal won’t hold when you stop. Instead, it slowly sinks to the floor. notes that this is a “sure sign” your master cylinder is not working properly. The master cylinder is the primary component of the system that helps you stop your car or truck.

Despite this, you can still go hiking on the trail. You just need to detour by Terry’s Car Care first to let our experienced technicians look at your braking system. If it is your master cylinder, we can have you on your way in no time. If it isn’t, we’re still the folks who can repair whatever ails your braking system.

Terry’s Can Help With That Master Cylinder!

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