Stop It!!!

When your car won’t stop, it’s time to check your master cylinder.

You were looking forward to today’s races around the state Capitol, the final day of the 2014 USA Cycling Amateur & Para-cycling Road National Championships. But you’re not so sure you should go anywhere. At least not if it involves using your car or truck because your brake pedal is mushy and goes to the floor when you press on it. And once down at floor level, it stays there. Then, there’s the brake light with its red glow staring at you.

You need to get your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care to let our certified technicians look at your braking system, particularly your master cylinder. The master cylinder is the main part of the braking system and can spring leaks or wear out over time. But Terry’s technicians have the know-how to get you going again so you can safely stop when you need to.

Terry’s Car Care Can Help With That Master Cylinder!

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