Take the Time to Check Your Timing Chain

You Won’t Be Going Anywhere with a Broken Timing Chain

A timing chain is the device that makes sure the camshaft and crankshaft work together so that an engine’s valves open and close at the correct rate. Sometimes you hear it referred to as a timing belt. The difference, according to ask.com, is that the “timing chain has teeth on it which allow the chain to open and close the valves. Timing chains are more durable than timing belts and the difference is in how they are made. A timing belt is made of a rubber compound.”

As critical as they are to a smooth functioning engine, many times car or truck owners overlook them and their maintenance until they wear out, break, stretch too much, derail or otherwise fail. If that happens, your vehicle won’t run and your engine may sustain severe damage.

The best prevention for this is, of course, having the certified technicians at Terry’s Car Care check the timing chain when your vehicle is in for routine maintenance. And, you should get it replaced when the manufacturer recommends. If you’re not sure when that is, Terry’s can tell you. And, if the timing chain does fail, you need experts like those at Terry’s. Failing to make sure the timing itself is synchronized can lead to other problems that, in extreme cases, can severely damage the engine.

At Terry’s, We Can Help You with That Timing Chain!

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