Your Vehicle Engine Isn’t Supposed to Shimmy and Shake

That shimmy could indicate a problem with your cylinder.

When you were driving your car or truck home from Olbrich Park the other evening after practicing for today’s (May 31) Madison Kubb Tournament, you noticed your engine had started shaking. Even if you don’t know a lot about engines, you know that’s definitely not a good sign.

As notes, the shaking or vibrating you feel is your engine misfiring. “Simply put,” ebay says, “an engine misfire is the failure of one or more cylinders.” The cylinder, which ebay describes as the “core” of any car engine, is a tube that houses a piston that slides up and down to compress gas. When the gas combusts, it produces an exhaust that is pushed out of the cylinder and allows your car or truck to run.

You definitely need to bring your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care where our technicians can analyze the exact problem and fix it.

Having Cylinder Problems? Terry’s Can Help With That!

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