Sometimes Your Vehicle Seems to Have a Mind of Its Own

If your car or truck wants to go its own way, it could be a problem with your power steering system.

You’re headed to the Duck Pond for tonight’s (May 27) season opener of the Madison Mallards who are playing the Kalamazoo Growlers when you turn a corner and realize it’s taking a major effort to turn the steering wheel. You likely have trouble in your power steering system. Unless you have a brand new car or truck, your power steering uses a pump driven by the car’s engine using a belt and pulley. (Many brand new cars use an electrical system to handle the power steering.) notes that power steering failure usually happens gradually and gives warning signs – noises when you turn the steering wheel, leaks of power steering fluid, and difficulty steering. But, even in a well-maintained car or truck, it’s possible for power steering systems to fail suddenly.

The certified technicians at Terry’s Car Care are on top of power steering issues. Checking the power steering belt and fluid are part of their procedure for routine maintenance. But if you haven’t been good about regular maintenance or the system fails anyway, Terry’s can fix it so you don’t miss that first pitch.

Terry’s Car Care Can Help With That Power Steering.

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