: A/C Service

Ignore Those Puddles Under Your Vehicle at Your Own Risk

They could be a sign that your water pump - one of the most important engine components - is going bad. First, you noticed the puddle under your car or truck. Then, the air conditioner failed. Then, the low coolant light came on. Then, it was the hot engine light. Now, you’re sitting in the…
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Meet Our Expert in Hybrid, Electric Vehicles

Jack McDermott is a certified, award-winning technician who also fixes gas-powered vehicles. Jack McDermott is a native of Shullsburg. He has an associate degree in automotive technology from Southwest Tech in Fennimore. He worked for GM before he became Terry’s Car Care’s go-to  guy for hybrid cars, hybrid trucks and electric vehicles. He has more…
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Summer’s Almost Here, Make Sure That Air Conditioner Works

Be Prepared for Summer - Check Your Auto Air Conditioner After the cold winter we’ve just had in Madison, it may be hard to believe but the hot days of summer are just around the corner. So, now’s a good time to check your auto air conditioning and get it fixed before the summer heat…
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