Spring’s Almost Here, Time to Check Your Brakes

Winter is hard on cars. Spring is a perfect time to have a Madision auto mechanic check out your car’s brakes, tires and other systems.

Between rising temperatures and Olbrich’s Spring Flower Show, it appears that winter is about over and spring is almost here. But before you go tiptoeing through the tulips, you need to pay attention to your car. After all, as Direct General Insurance says, “Your car bears the brunt of winter. The intense temperatures, slick roadways, and wet weather can do a number on your car’s engine and body. When the weather warms up, take a moment to care for your car.”

Among Direct General’s tips: Check your tire pressure. Rotate your tires. If you have snow tires, change them out for summer or all-weather tires. Check all your fluids. And check your brakes.

“Road salt and debris can build up on your brakes, causing them to bind and leading to uneven and premature wear. In extreme cases, rust from road salt can cause brake failure, and in wet summer weather, brakes can become less responsive,” Direct General says. “If something doesn’t sound right or feel right, consult your mechanic about the state of your brakes.”

The trusted Madison auto mechanics at Terry’s Car Care are, of course, the experts to consult when it comes to your car and getting it ready for spring and summer. Terry’s has been the Madison auto repair shop of choice for more than 46 years. While you’re here, ask about our specials, including a $10 prepaid VISA card with the purchase of a qualifying NAPA brake pad.

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