“When I Say WHOA …”

If your car or truck doesn’t stop when you want it to, you need to have a Madison brake repair specialist take a look.

One of the memorable cartoon scenes of all time involves the always bad-tempered Yosemite Sam who’s living in the desert. There’s Sam, atop a camel, and he wants to find out who left “footyprints” on “MY desert.” At first, he can’t get the camel to move, then he can’t get it to stop. He starts screaming, “Whoa, camel!” but nothing happens until he jumps off, bashes the poor camel over the head with a rifle and yells, “When I say WHOA – I MEAN WHOA!” (Click here to view a video of the scene.)

Too bad that doesn’t work with cars and trucks.

You know the scene: You push down on your brake pedal and, instead of an instant stop, you push and pump until you finally come to a halt. All the time you’re thinking, WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! The fact that the car finally stops with some brake pumping likely means you’re low on brake fluid; it’s contaminated; the brake pads are worn; or the power booster unit is shot, says autorepair.about.com.

Rather than bashing your car over the hood, bring it to Terry’s Car Care to have our ASE-certified mechanics work their brake repair magic. Also ask us about our specials: : a mail-in rebate for up to $160 on Goodyear tires; a $15 rebate on a Valvoline Synpower oil change; and a $59.95 winter maintenance package coupon (a $134.95 value). Terry’s has been Madison’s trusted auto repair and new tire sales specialist for more than 46 years.

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