: Car repairs

Your Vehicle Engine Isn’t Supposed to Shimmy and Shake

That shimmy could indicate a problem with your cylinder. When you were driving your car or truck home from Olbrich Park the other evening after practicing for today’s (May 31) Madison Kubb Tournament, you noticed your engine had started shaking. Even if you don’t know a lot about engines, you know that’s definitely not a…
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A Fix for a Cranky Car

If your vehicle is acting cranky, you might have a malfunctioning crankshaft sensor. One of the most important engine components in modern cars and trucks that you may never have heard of is the crankshaft sensor. Ehow.com explains that the increased use of computers in modern engines resulted in the need for some sort of…
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That Hesitation Is Telling You Something

Your fuel injector could be clogged or dirty. Recently, your car or truck has been hard to start. It’s misfiring and the engine is hesitating and stalling. All in all, it’s acting as if it’s gasping its last. But before you take it to the Wisconsin Historical Museum and donate it as a potential exhibit,…
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