My Car Won’t Steer

There could be several reasons your truck or car is hard to steer.

It’s the first day of the last three-day weekend of the summer and you’re looking forward to an action-packed day starting with the Color Me Rad 5K (who wouldn’t want to run around being coated with Color Bombs of blue, pink, purple, etc. until you end up a Technicolor dream?) followed by an afternoon of food and drink at the Taste of Madison.

The only problem with this plan is your car or truck, which has become hard to steer. says this could have four main causes: Low power steering fluid, a loose or worn power steering belt, a bad power steering pump, or a leaking power steering rack. Time to take your vehicle to Terry’s Car Care where our ASE-certified technicians can take a look and make needed repairs. We’ve been providing car and truck repair in Madison and the surrounding area – Middleton, Sherwood, Westport – for 46 years.

Terry’s Can Help Make Your Steering Easier Again!

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