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A bit of routine tire maintenance can help you avoid flat tires in Madison.

Runners all have at least one thing in common whether they’re pounding the pavement for fun and exercise every morning or whether they’re prepping for an event, like this Saturday’s 5K Komen Race for the Cure event. No, we’re not talking about sore muscles. We’re talking about running shoes and the need to keep them in top shape and replace them every 300 to 400 miles. For runners, keeping their shoes in good shape is a matter of comfort, safety and health.

It’s the same issue facing all car and truck owners. All of us have tires and need to replace them every so often as a matter of safety for ourselves, our passengers and other drivers. Like runners with their shoes, drivers need to know how to care for their tires so they last longer.

According to the non-profit Car Care Council, a driver should keep tires properly inflated (where is that pesky owner’s manual when you need it?) and check monthly to make sure tires are at the proper pressure (spare included). While checking the inflation, you should also look at the wear – not just to see if you need new tires, but to make sure they’re wearing evenly. Uneven wear, or shaking or pulling to one side could indicate an alignment problem. The council recommends checking the alignment at least once a year.

Tires are critical to a vehicle’s handling and traction, and maintaining proper pressure is vitally important to vehicle safety. Underinflated tires are under stress and will wear unevenly, causing them to need to be replaced sooner,” council executive director Rich White says. “Routinely checking tire balance and wheel alignment reduces tire wear, improves handling, and increases fuel economy.”

Now, you can do all these routine tire maintenance chores yourself. Or you can make it easy on yourself (and make sure it’s done right) by bringing your car to the tire service experts at Terry’s Car Care. That way, if you need tire repair or new tires, you’re already in the right place. Terry’s has been the trusted Madison shop for tire maintenance, new tires and car repair for almost 50 years. If you need new tires, we carry all brands, sizes and styles, including the most technologically advanced on the market – the Dunlop Signature HP and the Kelly Edge. While you’re here, ask about our money-saving discounts on car repair.

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