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Vibrations and shaking could indicate you need to find a Madison auto mechanic to balance your tires.

For the next week or so, Madison residents will be treated to the sight of lots of people racing around on one wheel. That’s right. Madison is the site of the 2015 North American Unicycling Convention and Championships, casually known as unicycle nationals, according to its Facebook page.

One of the best things about riding a unicycle is the need to worry about only one tire, unlike drivers who have to fret about the condition of four tires. On the other hand, both unicyclists and drivers have to worry about balance. A unicycle rider needs balance to stay upright and get anywhere. A car needs to have its tires balanced to help provide good traction, steering control and extend the life of your tires, according to aa1car.com. And, it’s a fact of driving life that, no matter how hard you work to get your wheels balanced, they’re eventually going to lose their balance because of the normal bumps and thumps of driving.

When you notice your car is vibrating or shaking and that it becomes worse as you speed up, it’s time to come to Terry’s Car Care to have our expert auto mechanics check to see if your tires need rebalancing. Terry’s has been a fixture in the isthmus for almost 50 years. Terry’s has the trusted Madison auto mechanics for auto repair, tire service and tire repair. And, should you happen to need new tires, Terry’s stocks all sizes, styles and brands of tire to suit your every driving need. Terry’s even has the most technologically advanced Kelly Edge and Dunlop Signature HP.

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