Rolling, Rolling, Rolling…

Want to keep your vehicle rolling for years to come? Regular maintenance that includes a tire check is key.

You’ve decided to spend the day doing something a bit different – watching horses and riders gallop madly around a course while competing at the Wisconsin State Championships of the National Barrel Horse Association. It’s pretty amazing to know some of those horses can compete until they’re in their late teens or early 20s. (The average lifespan of a horse is 25-30 years.) Those horses can compete in a grueling sport for that long because their riders and grooms are proactive about making sure they’re taken care of and stay in good condition.

Those owners and grooms are rather like what Forbes magazine calls “astute owners” of cars and trucks. It’s preventive, pro-active maintenance, Forbes says, that enables a car or truck to travel more than 100,000 miles during its lifetime. One of the items Forbes says a vehicle owner should do is “check the air pressure in the tires – including the spare – weekly, and only when the tires are cold (before driving), using a good-quality tire-pressure gauge. Keep them inflated to the maximum pressure recommended in the owner’s manual. Check the tread depth periodically by placing a penny head first into the tread; if any part of Lincoln’s head is visible it’s time for new tires (contemporary tires also include built-in tread wear indicators that appear as horizontal stripes running perpendicular to the tread when they need replacing). Have the tires rotated once a year, or sooner if they begin to show signs of uneven wear.”

Bring your car or truck to Terry’s Car Care and have our experienced, certified mechanics rotate, balance and align your tires. We’ll also check to make sure they’re in good condition and that the tire tread isn’t too worn down. If it is and you need new tires, we have all makes models and brands to fit any car or truck. When you need tire care in Madison or surrounding areas, come to Terry’s.

Let Terry’s Keep Your Vehicle Rolling!

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