When Your Car Won’t Go | Alternator

A bad alternator can drain your battery and leave your car stranded while you search for a Madison auto mechanic.

Even though it’s officially spring, some mornings in Madison can get off to a chilly start. And that can mean a heavy drain on your car’s electric system with the heater, rear defogger, defroster blasting, windshield wipers going to help wipe off the early morning condensation and headlights on so you can see where you’re going. Is it any wonder that, if there’s something a bit wrong with your alternator or battery, it’s going to show up? And it could show up while driving – sudden loss of power for steering, a battery-shaped light on your dash that flickers on, power windows that are slow to respond, dim interior lights – but they all go away when you start cutting off your electrical gadgets.

That’s a classic sign that your alternator is bad. Other signs, according to auto.howstuffworks.com, include a growling or whining noise, a burning smell, or a dead battery. It’s definitely time to get your car down to the trusted auto mechanics at Terry’s Car Care, conveniently located in Madison’s isthmus. Terry’s has been the auto repair and tire service shop of choice for Madison drivers for almost 50 years. While you’re here, ask us about our spring specials that include a $15 reward card for a Valvoline premium oil change and up to a $120 prepaid VISA card with the purchase of qualifying Monroe shocks and struts.

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