Do You Hear What I Hear?

Funny car or truck noises could mean transmission, brake, or other trouble for Madison drivers.

One popular Christmas carol has this line in it – “Do you hear what I hear?” If what you’re hearing is a carol, that’s good. If what you’re hearing is a noise from your car, it might not be so good. Some car noises are to be expected – the roar of the engine coming to life when you turn the key, for example. Others could be a sign that something’s wrong. And the exact sound and location can often be a key to what the problem is.

Hissing and sizzling under the hood is generally a sign that you have a leak. Oil or coolant could be leaking, says, or your engine could be overheating. Roaring that increases with acceleration, bankrate says, could be your exhaust system or your transmission. Whining could also indicate transmission or differential wear.

What about squealing noises when you’re applying the brakes?

“This could have a number of causes from something as simple as dirt on the brake rotors, pads or shoes to something more ominous, such as badly worn pads or shoes. It could also be from a wear-indicator on a pad signaling that it is time for new brake pads,” bankrate says. “No matter the cause, it’s a safety issue and requires attention.”

Of course, you want to come to Terry’s Car Care in Madison when you hear your car making funny noises. Whether you need something as simple as an oil change or something more complex, like brake repair or a transmission overhaul, our ASE-certified mechanics can help. Terry’s has been Madison’s trusted auto repair and new tire sales facility for more than 46 years. We’ll fix your car so you can listen to better sounds at tonight’s Mannheim Steamroller Christmas at the Overture Center.

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