: Brake Repair

Not Music to Your Ears

Unusual noises from your car or truck engine need to be evaluated as soon as possible to prevent major damage. If you’re getting ready for a day – or weekend – trip to Country Jam USA in Eau Claire, you’re looking to hear country music, not sinister sounds from under the hood of your car…
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It’s Getting Hard to Stop

Sounds like your power brake booster needs attention. You’ve been daydreaming about taking that special someone to do something romantic. Like a champagne brunch or evening wine cruise on Lake Monona. But you’re also wondering if you should go to Terry’s Car Care to have our experienced, certified technicians take a look at your car…
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Stop to Check Your Brakes

Check Your Brakes Now, Before Something Goes Wrong Some of the best experiences you have with your car are the ones you take for granted. Like stopping when you apply the brakes. But if you don’t care for them, you may find out the hard and tragic way that they aren’t there when you need…
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