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If you wait until you hear grinding or see a dash light, you’re going to have a major brake repair job in Madison.

You’re planning to take the kids to the Historical Society for the Ice Age program. But you’re wondering if you should drop by Terry’s Car Care before you pile the kids in the car. Recently, your brakes don’t seem to be quite as responsive as they usually are. But you’re wondering if it’s your imagination – you don’t hear a grinding sound and the brake light hasn’t come on.

You should follow your gut instinct and get your brakes checked by one of Terry’s expert auto mechanics. As the Car Guy explains: “With all of our technological advancements, we still generally rely on so-called ‘idiot lights’ and the sound of scraping metal to be our most common early brake trouble warnings. The problem is that both of these types of warning methods are really giving you a ‘trouble’ signal when it is actually time for critical safety brake service.”

The Car Guy recommends regular brake inspections that can be done on their own or when you have other maintenance, like oil changes, done. How frequently? Well, your owner’s manual is one guide. But, as the Car Guy says, the most important thing is to make sure brake inspections are done regularly. And, in this case, more frequently is better than not often enough.

Other than the obvious safety issue, is there an upside to frequent, regular brake inspections?

“When you wait until you see a glowing … ‘idiot light’ on the dashboard, or hear a metallic grinding from your brakes — you can also think more $$$ signs for the repair,” the Car Guy says.

He adds: “The reason that brake repair costs rise when you wait for a malfunction is that the service procedure goes from a ‘brake job’ to a ‘brake overhaul.’ A brake job entails more of a ‘preventive maintenance’ procedure, where worn brake parts are replaced before they cause mechanical damage and ineffective braking. That is, a correct ‘basic’ brake job is the equivalent of replacing the soles on a pair of shoes when they look like they’re about to develop a hole in the bottom.

“Now, a ‘brake overhaul’ results when a person brings a car in for service with brakes that are grinding when the brake pedal is pressed. That’s like bringing a pair of shoes to your shoe repair shop when the sole’s falling off and your toes are sticking out.”

Terry’s is definitely the place to come for brake repair in Madison. Terry’s has been the trusted Madison brake repair and tire care shop for almost 50 years. Ask about our discount coupons on certain car repairs and parts, including one for a $10 prepaid Visa card when you buy a qualifying NAPA disc brake pad.

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