It’s Dark Out There

Are you sure your headlights are working?

As everyone learns (or should learn) in drivers ed classes, headlights are a major safety feature of your car or truck (Captain Obvious here). But sometimes drivers forget that, in Wisconsin, the law (as reported at the unofficial motor vehicle department site, says you must have your headlights on from 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before sunrise and when you cannot see clearly at a distance of 500 feet. This isn’t hard to do in cars and trucks with headlights that automatically come on when you start your vehicle. But it is hard to do if something goes wrong with your headlights.

Headlight problems generally take one of two forms, according to the physical, like a burned out bulb or cracked cover; and the electrical, from the wiring to the fuses to the switch. The mechanics at Terry’s Car Care can fix most of these in a flash. And the others will just take a bit more time. It’s worth the short wait. After all, without headlights, you can’t go to this weekend’s evening activities at La Fete De Marquette Festival.

Terry’s Can Help You with Headlight Repair!

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