Dangerous Driving Ahead

If you don’t fix bad wheel bearings, the result could be deadly.

From the squeaking and chirping sounds when you speed up or make sharp turns, you’d think a family of crickets had taken up residence in your car or truck. If that noise isn’t the only odd thing – if your steering wheel is becoming hard to control, for example – you need to get to Terry’s Car Care as soon as you can. Because it sounds as if your wheel bearings may be going bad. And that’s very bad news.

Wheel bearings are responsible for allowing the wheel to spin freely and stay in place. Should they fail, as they can from age, becoming contaminated with dirt and debris, or carrying too heavy a load, you have a potentially dangerous situation. As ehow.com explains: “If you continue driving a vehicle with bad bearings, the symptoms will worsen and safety risks increase. The steering wheel may become harder to control. If this happens, navigating and steering the car will be difficult. A wheel may become loose and move around in the wheel arch, causing damage to hub and brakes. If the wheel remains unstable, it may eventually detach from the vehicle while you are driving.”

You definitely do not want to be driving the kids to the Pop-up Puppet Theatre at the Hawthorne Library if that happens. But Terry’s experienced, certified mechanics have the skills and know-how to replace those wheel bearings and have you driving safely once again.

Terry’s Can Help You With Those Wheel Bearings!

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