No Spark of Life | Car Won’t Start

There could be many reasons your car won’t start. You need a trusted Madison auto mechanic to find out why.

For weeks you’ve been looking forward to tonight’s Mallards opener against the Growlers. But now you seriously doubt you’re going to get there. When you came out to go to work this morning, your car wouldn’t start.

There could be many reasons for that. The first that comes to mind, of course, is the battery. But if you tried to jump it and your car still wouldn’t start, it’s more than likely something else. One problem could be a bad spark plug or plugs. That’s especially likely if you’ve noticed starting problems recently. Or if you’ve noticed your engine surging, a sudden drop in acceleration, or misfiring, according to

It’s definitely time to bring your car in to Terry’s Car Care to have one of our expert auto mechanics take a look and diagnose the problem. Terry’s has been Madison’s trusted auto repair and tire service shop for almost 50 years. If there’s something wrong with your car or truck, Terry’s can fix it. While you’re here, ask about our money-savings discounts on services ranging from oil changes to new brake pads.

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