Click, Click, Click

That sound means you have trouble in your starting system.

This morning was one of the most frustrating a vehicle owner can have. You’re on your way to the WIAA softball and boys team tennis state tournaments when, instead of a satisfying VROOM when you turned the key in the ignition, all you got was click, click, click. At least your neighbor had jumper cables and quickly got you started. But, your problem likely isn’t solved. You need to bring your car or truck by Terry’s Car Care and let us take a look.

It could be your battery. But, if your battery’s fairly new, it might be your alternator. That’s the gadget that supplies energy to the battery to keep your vehicle going.

There are signs to look for that may tell you your alternator is about to fail. Among them, according to, are the dash light that indicates an alternator problem; erratic electric symptoms (a speedometer that doesn’t work, headlights that dim or become extremely bright); or a scent of burning rubber. Then, of course, there’s the ultimate – your car or truck won’t start. If you suspect something is wrong with your starting system, bring your vehicle to Terry’s before it dies on you.

And remember, our certified mechanics are experienced at fixing all types of vehicles from gas-powered to diesel to hybrid to electric.

Come In To Terry’s, We Can Help You With That Alternator!

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