That Clicking Might Not Be Your Battery | Car Starter

A bad starter can sound like a dead battery. A Madison auto repair shop can find the real culprit.

The day’s gotten off to a really bad start. You’re late to work and, when you get in your car and start it, all you get are clicks. You’re not only upset, you’re surprised because you just replaced your battery. It shouldn’t be dead already.

Assuming you didn’t get a faulty battery, you’re right. You shouldn’t be having battery problems yet. But from the sounds – the clicking – you might have a bad starter. A malfunctioning starter has a clicking sound very similar to that of a dead battery, according to

“Your starter has what’s called a solenoid, which can have a weak spot inside. This weak spot prevents the starter from creating the correct current to start your car,” says. “You should look into getting your start motor replaced at the earliest convenience.”

The best place to get that new starter is Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s is a locally owned auto repair shop that’s been a Madison fixture for almost 50 years. Terry’s is known as the trusted Madison car care and tire repair shop. We’re conveniently located in the isthmus not very far away from Monona Terrace where you can enjoy a bit of t’ai chi to rid yourself of the morning’s frustrations. (But, while you’re here, ask us about our money-saving discounts on an oil change and on certain auto repairs.)

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