Shake, Rattle and Sag | Car Struts

You’re not going to get much farther than a Madison auto mechanic if a strut breaks.

You had successfully de-stressed during your lunchtime tai chi class at Monona Terrace. That is, you HAD de-stressed until you got back in your car. That’s when you first noticed the fluid leak under the car and you realized how much your car is – well – sagging. As for driving back to work, the rattling and shaking was enough to re-stress you.

All those symptoms are signs of a bad strut, according to A strut is a structural part of your car’s suspension system. It’s the main component of the suspension system, as it “suspends” your car’s body above the wheels. Struts should be checked frequently for wear to prevent leaking, sagging, rattling, shaking, or even breakage.

A sick car is enough to stress anyone. In this case, the best way to de-stress is to bring your car to Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been a Madison fixture for almost 50 years. We’re known to have the trusted auto mechanics who provide prompt auto repair and tire maintenance for Madison drivers. If you do have strut problems, we have several money-saving specials to help out – up to $120 back in a prepaid VISA card when you buy qualifying shocks and struts. When you’re here, ask about our other discounts on oil changes, mufflers, brake pads and catalytic converters.

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