Steering Feeling Slippery? | Steering Problems

A feeling that your steering wheel is slipping could have many causes. You need an expert Madison auto mechanic to diagnose the problem.

You were driving back from Devil’s Head over the weekend when you noticed your steering felt a bit funny – like it was slipping or moving back and forth slightly every time you turned the steering wheel or tried to hold it in a turned position.

Yep, that definitely sounds as if you have a steering problem. says that slipping steering has several causes: low power steering fluid, loose or worn power steering belt, a bad power steering pump, a power steering rack that’s leaking, or broken steering rack mounts. Some of those have easy fixes. Others need the expert touch of a talented auto mechanic.

Before you assume you have a major problem, bring your car to Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has had the trusted Madison auto mechanics for almost 50 years. Terry’s is known as the locally owned expert for auto repairs and tire service. Right now, we have a money-saving discount – up to $50 off – on select NAPA steering and chassis parts. Ask about our other coupons and discounts while you’re here.

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