Has That Strut Turned into a Waddle? | Shocks and Struts

If your car’s ride feels like a session in a bounce house, it’s time to have your suspension, shocks and struts inspected by a Madison auto repair shop.

You’re looking forward to the Syttende Mai celebration this weekend, but, you have to admit, you’re not looking forward to the drive. Sure, it’s only about half an hour from Madison to Stoughton, but the way your car has been riding, it’s sure to feel more like you tried to bounce all the way to California on a pogo stick.

An uncomfortable ride is one sure indication your car could need new shocks and struts, according to patch.com. Other indications include a feeling that your car is “diving” forward when you brake, or rearing back on its haunches when you start to accelerate. Another symptom is a feeling that your car is leaning when you turn.

A bad suspension is more than an issue of comfort. It’s also a safety issue. Says patch: “In severe cases, there can be longer braking times and a momentary loss of steering. This is because your shocks or struts are not strong enough to handle the weight of the vehicle.”

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, it’s time to bring your vehicle by Terry’s Car Care to have our expert auto mechanics inspect your shocks and struts. Terry’s has been Madison’s trusted, go-to auto repair shop for almost 50 years. If you do happen to need repairs to your suspension system, Terry’s has spring specials to help save you some money – $50 to $120 back on a prepaid Visa card with the purchase of qualifying parts. Ask for more details while you’re here.

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