Resolution: Better Car Care in 2015

Number One on your list of New Year’s resolutions: Stick to a schedule of regular car care in Madison.

Okay, it’s that time of year again when people celebrate the end of the old year and look forward to a clean start. Some go to sponsored events like the U.S. Bank Eve Celebration. Others go to a local bar or to a friend’s home to party. Still others stay home. But most people make resolutions that they hope will make the new year go better than the old. If you’re like us, most of those fall by the wayside about, oh, two weeks into the new year.

One New Year’s resolution you can make that’s fairly easy to keep while saving you money in the long run is to take better care of your car. That means routine maintenance. Keeping up with regular oil changes, tire checks and engine care not only will make your car last longer, it will help you avoid major repairs by catching issues before they become major. And, a well-maintained car has a higher trade-in value.

“The secret is that there is no real secret to getting a vehicle to last a long time,” Kelley Blue Book says. “The difference is maintenance. Regular fluid checks and an almost pious dedication to scheduled lubrication will keep the powertrain going strong. What kind of oil, brake fluid, and grease used is just as important as when it is changed. The best oil in the world will do your engine no good if you never change it.”

Is it any wonder that regular car care should be high on your list of resolutions?

And, of course, the best place in Madison for that oil change and regular maintenance is Terry’s Car Care. We’ve been the trusted auto repair and new tire sales shop in Madison for more than 46 years. Let us care for your car and you’ll have a Happy New Year – at least where your car is concerned.

Terry’s is open during regular hours today (7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) but will be closed tomorrow. If you’re going out to celebrate the New Year, drive safely!

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