A Shockingly Bad Ride | Struts and Shocks

If your ride has deteriorated, it might be time to have an auto mechanic in Madison replace your shocks and struts.

When you first buy that brand new car, life is wonderful. Then, reality sets in as the car ages and things begin to wear out. But at least the struts and shocks will last forever, or at least the life of the car. Right?

Well, no.

Shocks and struts are together one of the two largest parts of your suspension system with the other being your wheels and tires. And while they’re made to last, they do wear out. The wear may be so gradual that you really don’t notice it although you may find yourself dreading that trip to West Allis for the Wheel and Sprocket Show because the ride has become so uncomfortable. In fact, your first indication that your struts need replacing is a bad ride. Other signs, according to ehow.com, include uncontrolled wheel movement and bottoming out over potholes.

If you think you have problems with your struts, shocks, or any other car system, bring your car to Terry’s Car Care to let our auto mechanics take a look and see what’s happening. Terry’s has been the trusted shop in Madison for tire service and car repairs for almost 50 years. We currently have a special for a prepaid VISA card worth up to $120 if you buy a qualifying Monroe shock and strut. If you don’t need that, while you’re here, ask us about our other specials.

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