Make That Suspension Last

Keeping your tires inflated is one way to prolong the life of your suspension system and keep you from searching for an auto mechanic in Madison.

You drove over to Racine last weekend for the state snow sculpting championships. Well, actually, you thought you were driving, but the way your car was acting, you wondered if you were actually steering a trampoline. Each time you hit a bump in the road – no matter how small – you bounced up and down and up and down. Bounce. Boing. Bounce. Boing.

Bouncing over bumps is one indication that you might have trouble with your suspension system, the shock absorbers, struts and springs that help keep your car stable. Other signs of a sick suspension system – a hard ride, swaying at high speeds, or wallowing around corners, says Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to tell in advance if your system is going bad, other than to have your suspension checked periodically by a trusted auto mechanic in Madison like those at Terry’s Car Care.

One of the best things you can do to prevent your suspension system from going bad is to regularly check your tire pressure, according to

“Regular checks on your tire pressures, preferably including the spare, will not only save you money on fuel bills, but give your car more protection against bumps and lumps that your car experiences on a daily basis,” carsdirect says. “The less bumps and lumps means less damage to the car’s suspension and internal parts becoming loose. This is an easy task and one that is good for prolonging car life. Every six months you may want to rotate the tires, too, as the front and rear tires wear at different rates.”

If your suspension does go bad, repairing it isn’t something that can wait, driverside says.

“If you need new shocks or struts, don’t delay, because these are crucial safety items that help you maintain control behind the wheel,” driverside says. Delaying repairs is “never a good idea, honestly, but it’s an especially bad idea when we’re talking about vital suspension components like shocks and struts. … Shocks and struts are not simply about giving your car a smooth ride! They’re not luxury items; rather, they are integral to car control, so when they fail, your car becomes a hazard to both yourself and other drivers.”

If you want your suspension system checked out or repaired, Terry’s Car Care can do it. We’ve been the trusted auto repair shop in Madison for more than 46 years. Likewise, Terry’s can help if you need your tire pressure checked (something that is wise to do in the winter anyway) or your tires rotated. And if you need new tires, we carry all brands, sizes and styles to fit your car and suit your driving needs.

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