Wheels, Shocks and Struts

Suspension isn’t just for bridges

If you’re like most folks, you just want to get in your car and get where you’re going as quickly and as in as much comfort as possible. But sometimes you discover that every little ripple in the road is jiggling your eyeballs and rattling your spine as if you’d hit a speed bump the size of one of the rhinoceroses at Henry Vilas Zoo.

That discomfort could mean your suspension system needs looking at. The suspension system provides more than mere comfort, it’s a big part of making the ride safer by keeping the tires in contact with the road, which helps in steering, stability and, most important, the ability to stop.

The main parts of the suspension system are the wheels, shocks, struts and springs. Wheels are pretty obvious, they’re the round things that, as the nursery school song says, go round and round. A spring is what it sounds like, a coiled piece of metal. A strut contains a spring and has a cylinder with a piston full of fluid. A shock absorber also contains a cylinder with a piston full of fluid. These are all designed to be flexible to absorb bumps in the road.

Clearly, these are hard-working parts of a car or truck and need to be checked for damage and excessive wear and tear at least once a year. But sometimes they simply wear out or are damaged by coping with one too many potholes. But suspension systems can be tricky because it can be hard to tell if something is going wrong and exactly what that might be. Some indications include pulling to one side while driving on a straightaway, abnormal wear and tear on your tires, a rough ride, or drips on your driveway from a leak.

It’s best, of course, to come into Terry’s Car Care so our ASE certified technicians can give your suspension system a once over to make sure everything’s performing as it should. And if it’s not, Terry’s Car Care is the place to come if you need an alignment, or new shocks or struts.

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