Help! My Car Won’t Start!

It could be many things, including your transmission. For transmission, tires and car care in Madison, call Terry’s auto mechanics.

When you got into your car or truck this morning, it wouldn’t start. You’re going to miss meeting the bald eagle at this morning’s Eagles on the Square at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Even worse, you’re not sure why your car or truck didn’t start and there are lots of possible causes. Your only clue is that your vehicle hasn’t been running smoothly recently.

It could be your transmission. As says, “Transmission problems fall into two very similar categories: Won’t go. Won’t go smoothly.” On the bright side, the possible causes of both are the same: Low transmission fluid (it should be checked at least twice a year). Leaking transmission fluid. Clogged transmission filter. Your transmission is old, worn out and needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

It’s definitely time to call Terry’s Car Care in Madison. We’ve been providing auto repair and tire care in the isthmus for 46 years. You can trust our ASE-certified mechanics to diagnose your problem and get it fixed for a reasonable cost and have you on your way again as fast as possible. Just as we handle all makes and models of tires, we handle all types of cars and trucks, from traditional gas-powered to diesel to hybrid and electric.

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