Make Your Transmission Last Longer

You can prolong the life of your Madison transmission with a bit of care.

You want to go watch the Badgers play Iowa tonight but you’re not sure you should because you’re having trouble getting in gear. Getting your car in gear, that is. That certainly sounds like you might have transmission trouble brewing, which isn’t a diagnosis any car owner wants to hear.

But there are ways to keep your transmission going and head off trouble, car experts say. It might not surprise you to know that the best thing to do is to have your transmission fluid checked and changed regularly. (Let’s face it, boring as it might sound, nothing beats regular maintenance for prolonging the life of your car’s engine and tires.) You can also do some other things to extend your transmission’s life, says Transmasters, which offers six tips:

  1. Do not rock back and forth if you get stuck in snow or mud.
  2. Try to come to a complete halt before changing from drive to reverse or from reverse to drive.
  3. Do not drive your car if you have a transmission fluid leak or the fluid is below the “add fluid” line.
  4. Have your transmission serviced every year or every 15,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  5. Don’t drive when your engine is overheating.
  6. If you think something might be wrong with your transmission, get it to an auto repair shop [like Terry’s Car Care] as soon as possible.

Terry’s Car Care has been the trusted, go-to shop for tires and auto repairs in Madison for more than 46 years. We provide the routine car care that keeps your transmission, engine and tires running smoothly. Or, if you have car trouble, our ASE-certified auto mechanics can have you on the road again in no time. And, you can get $5 off any service if you schedule an appointment online (click here) before Jan. 31. Ask about our other money-saving January specials. And, if you need tires in Madison, we have all brands, sizes and styles.

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