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If your steering system has gone awry, you need to get your car to a certified Madison auto repair expert.

You were in that little fender bender the other day. You didn’t think much about it when the other car hit the front corner on the driver’s side because the dent wasn’t much. But, since then, you’ve found steering to be a bit difficult. Difficult enough that you’ve decided not to go to Fitchburg today for the farmers market.

Many things could be causing the difficult steeringwheels that got knocked out of line or a piece of the chassis that got bent or broken. The chassis provides the strength that supports the rest of the car and the steering system is an important part of the chassis, according to The chassis itself needs little maintenance but it, or one of the many steering, or other, components it contains can easily become damaged or wear out.

If you’re finding it hard to steer, your best bet is to take your car to the certified expert auto mechanics at Terry’s Car Care. Terry’s has been the trusted auto repair and tire service shop in Madison since 1973. Terry’s is conveniently located in the isthmus (free parking for a day when you leave your car for service!) and currently has several money-saving discounts. Ask about the coupon for up to $50 off of select NAPA steering and chassis parts.

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